How to prevent the phone from heating up?

How to prevent the phone from heating up?

The most heard question about mobile phones is, “My phone is overheated or getting too hot while using it, what should I do? or How to prevent the phone from heating up?”. So here you will find out your answer. Why your iPhone or Android device is getting too hot? What is the solution or how to prevent this problem not to happen again and you live your life with happiness?

If your phone is heating up, there are so many possible reasons for this. In fact, it is not an abnormal behavior of phones to get a little warm after using it for a certain time. After all, it is an electrical device and these devices work by electrical motion which creates simple physics with heat. However, if your phone is regularly getting overheated, then there may be serious problems with your device.

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When the phone’s temperature increases, the more often cause for this is the battery, processor, or screen of your phone. Each of these components of a mobile phone generates heat. The chemicals in your phone’s battery generate electricity. The processor transmits information at a high speed. The screen of your phone shines due to light. So the problem is that how you can identify which component of your iPhone or Android phone causing the overheating problem? While most of the time you know the cause of overheating while you are using the phone but most of the time you didn’t know from where the heat is coming from.

Most common places from where the heat comes

The back of your phone

If the back of your phone is getting overheated, then most probably the problem is in your phone’s battery. Now a days, most of the new models are using Li-Ion (lithium-Ion). These batteries are generally safe, but as seen with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery explosions, the failure sometime occur. The one and only solution for the overheated battery is to just change your battery and enjoy your life.

The bottom of your phone

Check that the bottom of your phone gets heated while charging, if this happened, then the problem might be in your charger. The most reliable charger for your phone is from your phone’s manufacturer. Try to use the charger which comes with your phone when you brought it. If you do not have that charger, then try using the branded charger which comes from a reputable source.

Some more causes

  1. Since the synchronization of your phone is always on and WiFi is out of range will tire your phone and it started getting overheating.
  2. Generally, the cases which are used to protect the phone are also sometimes harmful because there is no contact with air which causes the phone’s overheating.

Solution for phone overheating

  1. Try to keep the power saving mode is off, this will reduce overheating.
  2. You should not use your phone while it is charging.
  3. Try to limit the use of mobile data and the internet because it also overheats the phone.
  4. As mentioned above, cases are also cause overheating, so try to use flexible cases to prevent overheating.
  5. Turn off all unnecessary options like wifi (when out of range), location, Bluetooth, etc because as mentioned above these things will tire your phone which causes overheating.

Implement all the tips mentioned above, hopefully this will help in preventing the overheating problem of your mobile phone. So, this is all about how to prevent the phone from heating up?

Thanks for reading stay Happy!

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