GrowViral Review For Free Traffic: Get Free Traffic and Sales

GrowViral Review For Free Traffic: Get Free Traffic and Sales

In this article, you will find the GrowViral review for free traffic. Grow Viral is software that helps marketers to generate free traffic. When you purchase this software, you will be able to quickly and easily create viral and interesting campaigns, that you can embed to your Opt-in pages or landing pages to generate free traffic and grow your business.

Founders of GrowViral

GrowViral Review For Free Traffic: Get Free Traffic and Sales

Neil Shah and Sam Bakker are the creators of GrowViral. These two persons are very experienced internet marketers. They said that they have ejected all their experience of internet marketing and knowledge in this software. So, don’t worry this will definitely work for you in internet marketing.

Who should buy it?

The GrowViral is useful for all the businesses who are working on the internet and usually gets traffic and conversions from social media or any other source on the internet. And they want to reach a wider audience and generate more traffic and conversions for free without paying for ads or anything like this.

The GrowViral is very useful for the following businesses:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Ecommerce Marketplaces
  • Internet Marketers
  • Advertisers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs

Why GrowViral?

  • GrowViral will replace the traditional old forms with new concepts of viral forms that generate tons of traffic.
  • It will order confirmation pages into interesting and engaging referral driving pages.
  • This software will help to generate more traffic, increase sales and leads by just a few clicks.
  • High converting sales funnels.

GrowViral Features

The GrowViral is going to present the unique referral system to its customers, which has three tools:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Unlockable milestone rewards
  • Competitive and interactive contests

As I mentioned above, the GrowViral is using a referral system, so, that means the referrer is going to win some rewards on referring other people, and definitely everyone wants to share your campaign more and more on the internet to get more rewards. This means that your post is going to get huge viral on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

As you might know that Facebook alone has a million active users per day.

Once, your campaign goes viral on the internet then this will give you a ton of free traffic from the whole internet. Just one thing you will need to do is to make your campaign unique, engaging, and more interesting so that people excited to share your campaign on the internet.

Pricing of GrowViral

As this is a brand new software, GrowViral has a less and cheap cost of $37 on the front end. When it gets fame and become famous, the become famous, then the price will definitely be increased. So, if you want this software, then hurry up and purchase it at a low cost. With $67, you have access to all the features of Grow Viral like high converting pages, and funnels.

How do GrowViral works?

I am excited about the GrowViral review for free traffic. This is software that’s going to help you to get traffic.

This will also help you get more leads and more sales as well. The reason behind the development of this software is to give you a way of leveraging social media in a way that meant that you don’t have to pay for ads or anything like that.

You can use the power of viral contests and rewards to be able to encourage your new subscribers to share your page boosting, the number of visitors you can get back to your opt-in pages and helping you to get more traffic, make more money, and obviously generate a better list of subscribers.

So, how do we do this well let me tell you an example right now of how you might use the software. I will tell you a few examples in this GrowViral review for free traffic of how this works then, I will show you how we created this campaign, how easy it is to set up, and what you’ll be able to do for your business as well.

So, what I am showing below image is an opt-in page. Now, this opt-in page looks like every opt-in page, however, the form on this page is very different from other opt-in pages out there, and let me show you why.

GrowViral Review For Free Traffic: Get Free Traffic and Sales

Say, for example, there is a headphone company and they want to boost awareness for the new type of headphones that they are bringing out very soon. They want to give away a peer to help to build awareness and to motivate their current customers to promote their brand to their friends who may not be familiar with their brand.

What they can do is, they can invite their customers or their current subscribers to this page right here, when these subscribers opt-in or when people are familiar with their brand opt-in then what they can do is they can register. Once, they have registered they will go to this next page, as in the below image.

GrowViral Review For Free Traffic: Get Free Traffic and Sales

Here they entered into the contest and now as you can see in the image they are showing that “You are in the draw! Congratulations. Before you go though. Would you like to increase the chances that you have of winning this pair of headphones?”

So, now the visitor has the option of using this special link which is unique to them to share it and to get points and they can do this by posting it around the internet. They can do this by sharing links on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and they can also directly share it to their email account and they could also post it around places like Skype, Telegram, and other messaging services such as Facebook Messenger.

Now there are other ways that they can use this software as well. Say, for example, if they wanted to give away or basically have people sign up for special benefits at a cafe. Say this is a client of yours what you can do is you can have them sign up within this cafe they could go here your new visitors and then they can see what types of rewards they’re going to unlock so the more they share this link right here the more rewards the person that’s interested in this business is going to receive and that helps to grow this business’s subscriber list and gain more awareness for their business.

So, basically, in this Grow Viral review for free traffic, I am trying to tell you that, this Grow Viral software will help you to use the traffic you are already getting to drive more traffic back to your website. Saving money, you are not going to have to spend money on ads.

The best thing about Grow Viral that, this is a brand new software that you can use along with any external opt-in pages that you are doing right now or you can actually use its standalone opt-in pages where you will be able to basically install the forms, have people opt-in and then showcase this form to get some viral growth happening to utilize social media. So, I hope you understand how this process works.

Now, let me tell you how easy these campaigns are to set up. So, look at the image below, this is the e-commerce campaign. In this campaign, where we basically looking at giving away some headphones. So, the way we set up is, first of all, we decided how many points someone going to get for every action.

GrowViral Review For Free Traffic: Get Free Traffic and Sales

So, the first step when you do this you’ve got to set up your campaign is to choose how many rewards points you want to give out. You can choose 10 points or whatever amount you want. In this campaign, let’s you take 10 points as a reward. So, every person that someone refers to your website will gain 10 points which will contribute to those rewards or give them extra entries into that grand prize that you might be giving away in the headphones case.

GrowViral Review For Free Traffic: Get Free Traffic and Sales

Obviously, one of the most important aspects of gaining traffic from social media is what is presented in the marketing message kind of like a Facebook advertisement you want to get people clicking. So, you want an attractive image and you want text that stands out and gets people’s attention so that’s what we’ve filled out here, as shown in the image below.

We have filled out a title that grabs people’s attention and we have also filled out a description as well and we have included as part of this person who is listening to these headphones and they’re going to grab people’s attention as they go to this website.

Then we have got easy installation as shown in the image below. The form right here you can just grab the form URL and share this right away with your subscribers or you can copy it to the clipboard embed code. You can add the code to your pages.


So, basically in this GrowViral review for free traffic, I tried to tell you that how you can use this software effectively to get more traffic and generate more leads and sales of your product. I have covered the features of Grow Viral, benefits of Grow Viral and I have also told you about the pricing of Grow Viral. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, blogger, entrepreneur, internet marketer, social media marketer, you can use this software.

This link for purchasing the product is mentioned below. If you want to buy this software then buy it soon before the price gets high.

Buy GrowViral Here

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