Google updated Wear OS to add hand washing remainder

Google updates Wear OS to add hand washing reminder function

In order to fight the corona epidemic, citizens should wash their hands frequently to avoid spreading bacteria and viruses. Google recently added a regular hand-washing reminder function to the newly launched Wear OS 5.4.0 update in order to strengthen user’s awareness of frequent hand-washing. It will calculate hand washing time.

Google recently released an update to Wear OS 5.4.0 and announced that the Clock application in its smartwatch device has added new features, including reminding users to wash their hands every three hours, and before washing hands, the watch surface will also display “Use Soap” to avoid users using only water to wash their hands.


In addition, the program will provide a 40-second hand-washing timer when the user washes his hands, thereby persuading users to keep their hands clean and disinfected. At present, users of Google smartwatches can download the new version of the clock application directly through the Google Play Store and install the update.

In fact, after the outbreak of the epidemic, Google has repeatedly introduced new features and assistance, such as investing US$800 million to support the fight against the epidemic, cooperating with suppliers to produce medical supplies, and promoting epidemic prevention information and funding to small businesses etc. Last week, it was also announced that it would cooperate with Apple to develop the “New Coronary Pneumonia Contact History Tracking Technology” function. It is expected to launch an application program interface in May to provide a platform for health institutions to track the epidemic.

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