Google Arts and Culture launches 5 games during corona

Google announced that it will launch 5 new cultural online interactive games. During the home isolation period, you may wish to participate in educational historical and cultural experiences.

People fighting with Corona epidemic at home during quarantine, they want to relax. Playing games is the best way to relax in such a kind of time when the whole population in the world is in a great depression. Most importantly there is a huge percentage of the population around the world who is financially depressed. Google announced 5 new cultural online interactive games. The games including Color Hunt, which focuses on color, Assisted Melody, which creates music, Draw to Art, which learns art from sketches, and Little Penguin will take care of everyone. Hopper, the penguin explorer of the virtual tour guide, and An Ocean of Books sailing through the sea of ​​books. During the quarantine period at home, why not participate in educational historical and cultural experiences.

Google stated that users can experience the country of arts and culture together by visiting the Google Arts and Culture webpage on their computer, or opening the Google Arts and Culture app (both Android and iOS) on their phones and tablets.

Color Hunt:

Appreciate the surrounding environment in a new way, use the camera to capture the color elements, and also put new colors on your favorite paintings. In addition, you can use different environments to create and compare different works, and even challenge your friends to choose specific types of objects to recolor the paintings.

Assisted Melody:

You can choose different playing instruments and rhythms, and freely create a melody on the staff. Press the play button when you are done, and the system will automatically integrate your melody into the music style of the classical composer Baja to generate a unique movement.

Draw to Art:

The first step of many classic works of art starts with a sketch. Draw to Art can freely use creativity, draw sketches in different shapes, and then use machine learning to find the most similar oil paintings, sketches, or sculptures. To help you discover and recognize artworks collected in various places.

Hopper the penguin explorer:

Although it is not possible to travel during the epidemic. The little penguin will become an exclusive tour guide, walking from the pyramids of Giza to the Eiffel Tower to the most beautiful places in the world. You can also take photos of the little penguin to “check-in”, leaving the most beautiful moment for this virtual journey.

An Ocean of Books:

Become an explorer, open a dream map, and sail through the sea of ​​books, explore Google’s collection of books, learn interesting little knowledge, and appreciate precious manuscripts.

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