Facebook deletes fake accounts related to American politics

Facebook deletes fake accounts related to American politics

Facebook deletes fake accounts related to American politics. Facebook has been working hard to crack down on activities that create political conflicts and mislead others. The Fb report shows that in July the company deleted more than 100 fake Facebook and Instagram account networks related to Romania, which involved mock supporters of US President Trump.

Facebook recently said that the company deleted 35 Facebook accounts from Romania, 3 Facebook pages, and 88 Instagram accounts. These accounts posted various topics related to American politics, including the U.S. election, the Trump campaign, and African-American support for the campaign, conservative ideologies, Christian beliefs, and QAnon.

QAnon is a new term in the Trump era, referring to the conspiracy theory organization “Q Anonymous” (QAnon) that has emerged on the Internet in the United States. Supporters of “Anonymous Q” have also been appearing in Trump’s rallying conference. These fake accounts also share many stories about Trump’s campaign and conservative news organizations, and they have received much attention from Trump supporters.

Some conservatives accused Facebook of suppressing their speech, but Nathaniel Gleicher, head of Fb’s cybersecurity policy, said that the company has not found clear evidence to point out these fake accounts related to Romania and why it released information about American politics. , And whether there are any political interests or economic motives.

The fake account related to Romania is just one of the nine networks deleted by Fb. One of the fake accounts related to the media Truth Media includes 303 Facebook accounts, 181 pages, 44 groups, and 31 Instagram accounts, Linked to many countries such as the United States, Britain, Australia, France, and so on.

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