Apple intends to launch MR Helmets

In recent years, Apple has often told that it will launch Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) glasses, which have many fans look forward to it. Recently, foreign media reported that Apple intends to launch MR Helmets. It is reported that Apple is preparing to combine AR and VR to launch Apple’s 8K Mixed Reality (MR) helmet glasses.

According to the report, Apple is currently developing an MR helmet that will be equipped with more than 10 lenses to track the user’s hand movements. The display screen quality of this MR helmet glasses is as high as 8K, and the device is also equipped with eye-tracking technology to confirm that the user is looking in the direction.

This MR helmet glasses will be launched in 2022 according to the information received. The price of this helmet will be approximately US $3,000, which is cheaper than Microsoft Hololens US $3,500. However, compared to other stand-alone VR headsets, the price is much higher, such as the Oculus Quest 2, which sells for US $200.

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