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Apple Glasses Release Date

Today, in this article I want to tell you about apple iGlasses. Specifically, what is the apple glasses release date and price and will we see a 2021 iGlasses announcement? Well let’s look into all of this and actually let’s talk in what apple glass will really do as well.

So as mentioned, we know that apple is very keen in creating a pair of Apple glasses. It is looking like they will be very AR dependent. So, I have decided to write a brief article for all of you, everything we know about the apple glasses release date along with what we could expect for the Apple glasses price. We will also discuss some of those features we will get with those iGlasses.

Latest news about Apple Glasses release date

So, let’s dive in on that latest news about Apple glasses release date. Apple AR glasses have been a source of speculation for years with patents from Apple going back all the way from 2015 and 2017 detailing AR related software and hardware, but it wasn’t until around 2019 where apple was really pushing on AR in all their keynotes and demos. This is why Apple is likely to bring out an AR iWear project and as the rumours mill released more and more early information, it looks like it’s coming true very soon.

Just take a look at the iPad Pro and the iPhone 12 announcements from last year for example, both events talked about the new LiDAR Sensor and you guessed it the sensor is mainly to help with AR. So, a dedicated AR device is definitely incoming. There was a real slim chance as well that we could have seen some apple glasses during 2020 mainly probably at the WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) 2020 event, but nothing was shown in the end about the Apple glasses release date. We did have our doubts that any announcement would be made to be fair. At the end of the day, the industry analyst Ming Chai Cao initially said, manufacturing of any AR specs would get underway at the end of 2019 or the start of 2020.

According to, noting that they would be reliant on a connected iPhone to do lots of processing and connectivity for the actual Apple glasses, but we are now in 2021 with no glasses in sight. A research note out there which say that, it had been pushed back with an estimated release date of 2022 now, but before you get too upset that 2022 is a long way away, another source has said, that while they might not go on sale until then. They are likely to be announced the Apple glasses release date in 2021 at some point. The source added that they will apparently be called Apple glass.

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For Apple to announce the glasses and then release the product say three or even six months later it’s not unheard of either. We saw the Mac Pro device was announced in June 2013 and it actually came out five months later. And then again, the same with the newer Mac Pro that was announced in June 2019 and didn’t actually come out right to the very end of 2019.

However, other sources have said that they are still coming out but they have been delayed by years with an AR headset apparently landing in either 2021 or 2022 followed by AR glasses in 2023. As you can see it’s a bit of a mess right now and there is lots of confusion and debate around when or even if we will get Apple glasses.

The latest leaks suggest that they might be announced Apple glasses release date not too long from now but guessing our actual hands on them that’s going to be a different story entirely. So, no it’s not the news we wanted exactly here, but let’s take a look at the Apple glasses leaks and rumours as well as Apple’s augmented reality background and why AR specs seem like the next big move for the tech giant.

Apple Glasses Price

So, let’s get the next big item cross off the list and that is the Apple glasses price. The Apple glasses will cost around USD 499 and that will be around 410 UK Pounds. Of course, this is not including any prescription charges to alter the glass lenses if needed.

Some Features and Details of Apple Glasses

So, let’s talk more about what you have seen in patent and specs. So, our biggest leak is none other than, that apple glasses will actually be called Apple Glass and will be capable of displaying information on both lenses with a user controlling via gestures both on and in front of the frames. Everything will be handled by a connected iPhone and Apple Glass supposedly won’t have conventional cameras but will have a lidar sensor to power the actual AR (Augmented Reality) experiences.

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Other details include that, there won’t be a sunglasses version as the display won’t work with tinted lenses. Another thing is, that outside observers who are looking at you directly on face, won’t be able to see anything on the lenses. At the same time, the prototype at least will be made out of plastic. However, this could change for the real deal.

Jon Prosser said that, “Apple was experimenting with a special Steve Jobs edition version of the glasses that would act like an Apple Watch edition where the company sells a certain style of its product for a higher price”.

From another source, Mark German at Bloomberg has said that, “the previous information is not correct though”. So, take all of this with a big pinch of salt what Jon Prosser has just proposed. Beyond that, Apple has been busy picking up companies with an interest in AR which suggests, it is preparing its own product. Recently, Tim Cook said that, “Apple had several new products in the pipeline that would just blow you away” and I think one of them is Apple Glass.

We have also seen a bunch of Apple patents appear recently explaining how specialist lenses could be used to cast images on a user’s eye. And how an iPhone or iPad could be used as a controller. Perhaps, the biggest leak was in fact an injury reports out of Apple’s headquarters and it suggests that two employers had eye injuries due to working on a prototype unit. Apple has also made a number of key AR talent hires over the years.

According to Aruma from Bloomberg, Apple has persuaded a leading employee of Nasa for the project in hiring Jeff Norris (founder of mission operation innovation office at Nasa’s jet propulsion lab). His team is apparently 1,000 people strong. The AR glasses they are working on are said to be a high-quality resolution of cameras 3d scanning. An amazing display and advanced human detection also built straight into them. They are also apparently working on an AR headset which could launch first with a design like the Oculus Quest but a lightweight more comfortable build instead. In most recent news in may 2020, Apple profoundly acquired next VR, a startup that produced Virtual Reality content from the likes of NBA and Fox Sports. While it’s unclear how this could impact Apple AR glasses. It’s logical that the startup’s expertise will contribute to the product design in some way.

What is AR?

So, I have been banging on about Apple glasses and that they will mainly use AR and you have probably heard of AR but not fully understood what it actually does and have I actually seen it before? So, to be honest you probably actually have seen it. So, some of the most popular examples of AR are lenses and filters available on Instagram and Snapchat, the ones where for example, you stick your tongue out and the dog’s tongue appears over the top of it or your ears change into a dog’s ears or your hearts coming out of your eyeballs.

Another example is, if you are doing a video chat and you can put on a silly hat on top of your head and it follows you around, they are all AR experiences. Another great example before the days of covid-19, when we could go out and about was Pokemon go where your Pokeball and your Pokemon could be seen for a combination of through your phone’s camera and the phone’s screen. So, with all these possibilities that have become reality in the last couple of years.

 Imagine now, if you could slip on some glasses and when you run into, say, a train station and your glasses automatically tell you the train times to your destination right in front of you. It will also show you arrows and guys on the floor to get you to the correct platform on time to catch your train. It maybe, you say to Siri (Apple’s Intelligent Personal Assistant) in the middle of a supermarket that “how do I make a great chicken curry” and then at that moment on your screen straight away it will show all the ingredients you need and it will guide you down all the correct aisles to the right location to pick up those ingredients, so, you can take them home and make yourself a great curry. I could think of many more examples but I think you have the idea now now.

AR Glasses Background

I will say this the idea of AR glasses have been invented before some years ago, this was none other than Google Glass, the advanced smart glasses. The Google Glass were tipped to change everything tech to the way we live by overlaying layers of information onto the real world, but thanks to people not really into this type of tech financial problems and design challenges they never really fully came out apart from a small number of developers and testers getting their hands on them.

Although the trouble story of Google Glass may sound a bit of a failure. It actually taught tech companies a great deal about building AR tech enabled eyewear and the challenges of bringing a whole new product category to the market. It was very soon after that, Google pulled the plug on the Google Glass that Apple invested into the AR and the AR kit they offer right now. That’s where we have got to today with AR. So, that is the current review of everything we know so far about the Apple glass release date.

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