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Apple AirPods Pro Review

Hey, what’s up guys, I’m Ayaz here and this is the new Apple AirPods Pro Review, so Apple quietly drop the new Airpods Pro on their site and I’ve been using them now, these are some first impressions and they’re honestly pretty nice, now these cost two hundred and fifty dollars like that’s pretty high-end so at this point they can’t sound like crap anymore they’re actually competing with some other really nice headphones at this price or even nice earbuds at this price, so what’s so pro about these new Apple AirPods Pro well I’ll tell you everything that’s new first of all the new design so you can see them here they’re a little bit smaller and they have a shorter stem and they kind of look like that one Pokémon or maybe a hairdryer or maybe even pingo man the internet is fast to meme these new Apple products but I honestly don’t think they look about the head, they’re a little less toothbrush.

Apple AirPods Pro: Colors

It’s more reasonable looking more compact we’ve seen how weird these types of headphones can get with stuff like the Microsoft Surface buds, I think this is an improvement actually which they came in more colors and that actually was one of the rumors that there might be a black pair and as hard as they would be to find if you lost them I still would have liked to have seen that but you still have glossy white now again for you in ear headphones.

Apple AirPods Pro: Water Resistance

They are now officially ipx4 rated for water resistance so that’s good for you know it’s sweat resistant basically good for a light rain if you’re wearing them you want to go outside you shouldn’t have to worry IPX for and there’s off course the rubber tips.

Apple AirPods Pro: Sizes

They come with three different size rubber tips total the mediums are attached out the box and they have a smaller pair and a bigger pair and actually do a little Apple magic with that.

How to use these new Apple AirPods Pro?

I’ll show you in a second and they off course still have the h1 chip so they’ll pair by just being near your iPhone and opening the case and then you get this little topic on how to use these new Apple AirPods Pro and with this topic as you can read, it talks you through media controls, reading your messages out loud with Siri and iOS 13.2 and noise cancellation and that’s because that’s right Apple AirPods Pro do you have active noise cancellation and this is a rumor that I was sort of on the fence about if they would do it or not they did it so this isn’t just the passive noise isolation that comes with any pair of earbuds that make it sealing your ear this uses the microphones and the earbuds themselves to do active additional noise cancellation in earbuds and this is just my first impression so far but the noise cancellation is pretty decent, I’d say it’s about on pair if you get a good seal with the beats solo Pro that I’ve been testing which are on your headphones, I mean they’re honestly better than I expected from any sort of earbuds I don’t use many noise cancelling earbuds not sure.

when you’re wearing them with the  in-ear seal you can still hear sounds and you don’t feel like you’re all clogged up when you normally wear earbuds because of that air pass through so that’s pretty cool and you can still hear sounds around you and that’s thanks to transparency mode so you can turn on the noise cancellation a bunch of different ways you can flip it on in the quick settings in iOS 13.2 with that volume or you can squeeze the stem which is now pressure sensitive for about a second and it’ll activate noise cancellation or you can even activate it from your watch if you want to either way you’ll hear a chime and it kicks in and it’s this pretty good noise cancellation without that vacuum feeling thanks to the air passes through there’s even built into iOS this little thing does the magic I talked about called the ear tip fit test and you can open it and run through it, it’ll play a short sound into your ear and use the microphones inside Apple AirPods Pro to determine if you have a good fit or not a good seal.

It still has wireless charging like Gen 2 still very pocketable and still gives you that quick charging and 24 hours of total battery life and it’s also still lightning not that I expected USB type-c for every Apple pro product but yeah still lightning but that is pretty much everything that’s new with the brand new Apple AirPods Pro.

why are they called the pro? I don’t know it’s just kind of like everything that’s high-end is just called pro now whether it’s USB C or higher fresh rate or multiple colors or not, I know for a fact there’s no audio engineer is waiting to use Apple AirPods Pro and their studios, but those are the new features and so far seems like a pretty complete package but, I think in theory this solves what?

what my biggest problem was with the previous Apple Air pods? which is they didn’t sound great but they also fell out of my ear instantly. These new ones solve that problem for me by having this little rubber tip they’re not going to fall out of my ear as easily and they’re going to sound better and that’s definitely good to see.

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