Amazon launches fitness bracelet Halo to judge emotions and body fat

Amazon about to challenge Apple Watch and Fitbit by launching fitness bracelet Halo to judge emotional state + 3D scan body fat

Amazon launches fitness bracelet Halo to judge emotions and body fat. Amazon announced that it has launched a new smart bracelet named Halo, which can be used with apps to track health and fitness status, and even detect the happiness, sadness, and sorrows of users. The analysis shows that the global wearable device market is very large. Amazon’s move is like challenging the market leaders Apple Watch and Fitbit.

Amazon Halo can monitor the user’s physical activity and sleep status, such as tracking heart rate, skin temperature, etc. The biggest feature is that it has an “audio analysis” function. The bracelet combines machine learning technology to analyze the user’s tone, including pitch, intensity, speed, and rhythm, to determine the user’s emotional state. Another 3D scan is provided to detect body fat.

However, Halo is not equipped with a screen, and users must read health data through the App. Consumers also cannot purchase Halo separately, they must purchase a subscription service. At present, Early Access can buy it at a price of US$64.99, which includes Halo bracelets and a 6-month service fee. After the discount, it will rise to US$99. The monthly fee will be US$3.99. Amazon said that this payment model can avoid the fate of users putting the device in the drawer after a few months of use.

The analysis pointed out that Amazon’s launch of Halo this time is different from its previous focus on home devices. It seems that it wants to take a share in the fast-growing wearable device market.

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